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We believe logistics can be done differently. We’re committed to setting a new benchmark for governance, communications and transparency for our industry to follow. We also commit to providing high quality client service.

There are eight principles to logistics that we treat respectfully and seriously. These eight principles guide the way we manage teams, engage with clients, choose partners and innovate for a brighter future for everyone.

  1. Leadership to set a new benchmark for logistics excellence
    Logimark is founded on the expertise of our management team committed to furthering the logistics industry.
  2. Optimization improves freight management over time
    We foster long-term partnerships to understand clients’ challenges and improve their freight needs. Got a logistics issue? We’ll work to help you solve it.
  3. Global mindset
    Our offices span many continents and our global partner agency network ensures client needs are met anywhere in the world.
  4. Initiative encourages our team to handle projects effectively
    We strive to set good examples by exploring new ways to innovate and by upholding the highest standards of governance, communication, transparency and risk management.
  5. Methodical approach makes our service reliable
    Thinking and working in systems ensure we can deliver on punctuality and efficiency.
  6. Agility keeps us flexible to meet unexpected requests
    Effective communication and a commitment to responsiveness are qualities that are ingrained in the DNA of our teams.
  7. Responsive to handle needs swiftly and carefully
    Being alert to potential challenges, we are punctual at communicating with our clients.
  8. Knowledge of trends, tools and technologies keeps us ahead
    We strive for continuous improvement and stay up to date on the latest affecting logistics and our client sectors.

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