Stephane ThiltgenFounder Tao Lifestyle

Stephane stands at the forefront of transformative coaching, bringing a unique blend of managerial acumen, operational excellence, and a profound mastery of health and wellness. His mission is clear: to empower individuals, leaders, and organizations to thrive amidst the rapid currents of our modern, fast-paced world, achieving both personal balance and peak professional performance.

As the architect of the innovative Tao Lifestyle™, Stephane has crafted a holistic methodology that seamlessly intertwines the rigor of management consulting with the rejuvenating power of wellness practices. The result? A transformative journey that guides participants toward harmonious living and cognitive excellence, all while cultivating a state of ‘flow’—the sweet spot where peak performance and inner balance coexist.

With a rich portfolio of services ranging from strategic business advisory to group and personalized coaching (both in-person and virtual), to group training, Stephane is a companion on the transformative journey toward holistic well-being and peak human performance.

Stephane's impact resonates across the globe, with a diverse clientele that includes high-profile executives and senior leaders from prestigious corporations such as McKinsey & Company, Accenture, Givaudan, Air Liquide, Decathlon, Standard Chartered Bank, AXA, GSK, Schlumberger, UNICEF, and many more. His ability to facilitate profound holistic transformations has touched the lives of hundreds, while his engaging workshops and talks have inspired thousands.

Rooted in Kuala Lumpur since 2004, Stephane embodies the very principles he teaches. His life is a tapestry of regular exercise, adventurous outdoor explorations, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge related to health, well-being, and performance. He cherishes moments spent with his family and friends, constantly nurturing rich, meaningful relationships and experiences.

In Stephane Thiltgen, you find more than a trainer and coach; you discover a guide, a mentor, and an unwavering supporter, dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of life, unlocking your potential to live and work effortlessly.

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