YB Rafizi RamliMinister of Economy Malaysia

YB Rafizi Ramli is the current Minister of Economy Malaysia. 

The funtion of the Ministry of Economy includes : 

  1. Socioeconomic Development Planning
    • Formulate the medium and long term socioeconomic development plans at the national, regional and state level
    • Conduct socioeconomic research and act as the advisor to the Government on socioeconomic affairs
    • Strengthening the inclusive development planning including the Bumiputera agenda
    • Formulate energy policies related to oil and gas

  2. Distribution of Allocation Resources
    • Determine the ceiling and distribution of the development expenditure
    • Implement the value management for development projects costing RM50 million and above

  3. Implementation, Coordination and Monitoring
    • Monitoring the progress of the national programmes, initiatives and development projects
    • Implement, coordinate and monitor Ministry of Economy programmes and projects
    • Implement, coordinate and monitor inclusive development including the Bumiputera agenda

  4. Stakeholder Facilitation
    • As the focal point for international cooperation and joint border development
    • National secretariat to the national socioeconomic planning and development including the National Economic Action Council (EAC) and the National Development Planning Committee (NDPC)

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