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Morning Talk: Data Privacy In The Modern Age

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Dear members & friends,

In a world where private data privacy is essential, it is also seen as a hindrance in the way of understanding consumer sentiments and preference. How can an organization create a balance and what are the actual perception on the issue of privacy?

Concerns over the power government & organizations have over our personal data especially with the frequent sharing of data on digital services and platforms we use leaving multiple digital footprints is a constant cause of dissentient. 

In this talk, Ipsos Malaysia will be covering key concerns related to Data Privacy including: -

  • What is considered private data and how do people perceive it?
  • How aware are people about the data that they are sharing?
  • What is perception of private vs personal data and who’s responsibility is it to protect the data?
  • What level of institutions do people trust more with their personal data?

The talk will also cover some comparisons on how Malaysian sentiments are towards data protection and sharing compared to France and other countries worldwide.


About the speaker 

Arun Menon began his career with Ipsos in Kuwait in 2007 where he had successfully grown the financial sector business for Ipsos MENA (Middle East North America). He moved to Malaysia in 2014 as the Director of the Loyalty research specialist unit for Malaysia and while still in this role, he went on to pioneer the Public Affairs business in 2017. Arun is currently the Managing Director for Ipsos in Malaysia since June 2018.


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