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Embark on a captivating journey through the pages of "French Memories of Malaysia," a literary masterpiece that beautifully intertwines the rich tapestry of French culture with the enchanting landscapes and vibrant history of Malaysia.

In editing and writing French Memories of Malaysia, the author Serge Jardin is surely the first to collect in one place nearly a hundred tales of French men and women who travelled to, explored, documented, fictionalized, and influenced each of the Malaysian states.

French Memories adds wonderful texture to Malaysia’s rich cultural history, making it a worthy read for anyone interested in discovering the world as it once was: a frontier of excitement, waiting to be explored.

"Henri Fauconnier, author of Malaisie, was happy in Selangor and depicted the Malays and Tamils with friendly eyes and a deep understanding of their cultures. Compared to the other Europeans who colonised Malaysia and its people, French travellers and sojourners to Malaysia were more interested in describing plainly what they saw before them. The conscientious Serge Jardin presents the whole gamut of their experiences and perspectives."


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