LFKL's admissions for the next school year starting in September 2020 is now open.

Did you know that the French School of Kuala Lumpur (LFKL) has students from over 45 countries and that it also welcomes non-French speaking children? 

Being a non-profit, parent governed school, the LFKL offers affordable and attractive school fees for students of all nationalities. Its students benefit from an outstanding French multilingual education that is highly recognized internationally by universities and institutions of higher learning.

The school is open to non-French speaking children from ages 3 to 10.  The LFKL offers additional French language programs designed specifically to support international students during their first year with the LFKL. Once the children have acquired the French language in primary school, they can then progress to middle school and high school in French without any problem.

Primary school children will also enjoy between 5 and 8 hours of classes in English per week making them fluent in both French and English. The children will have the opportunity to pick a 3rd language (Mandarin, Spanish, German, Bahasa Melayu) later in the curriculum.

You can find more information for non-French speaking families here: https://www.lfkl.edu.my/my-children-do-not-speak-french/

LFKL's admissions for the next school year starting in September 2020 are now open. LFKL offers a 50% waiver* on primary school registration fees!

Why Choose the French School 
Special offer and school fees for next year 

To apply, please click for the admissions page link: https://www.lfkl.edu.my/admission-lfkl/

LFKL is a very international community and the school would be very happy to put you in touch with parents who can share their family's experience at the LFKL.

Do not hesitate to contact LFKL for more details, to know more about its great facilities and the French curriculum. Virtual tours are also available! A great multicultural and multilingual exposure for better future opportunities: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwxVQih1aQdFu1yoMOXvYA/videos

*Terms and conditions apply please contact LFKL for more information - marketing@lfkl.edu.my  - www.lfkl.edu.my  - 016 211 1445

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