Protocol for wearing face mask with effect from 7th September 2022

Taking into account the improved situation of COVID-19 in Malaysia, the Ministry of Health has reviewed and relaxed several procedures for prevention of the spread of the COVID-19. Among the procedures that was reviewed is the protocol for wearing face mask.

Based on an assessment of the current situation of COVID-19 and taking into account the current needs, the Ministry of Health in its Media Release dated 7 September 2022, has announced that the wearing of face mask in buildings (indoor) is now optional. However, the owner of the premises may determine whether visitors must wear a face mask or otherwise.

The public is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to wear face mask because it is proven to be able to reduce the spread of COVID -19 infection.

The wearing of face mask is MANDATORY for the following situations:

  1. Positive cases of COVID-19 that need to go to CAC for health evaluation;
  2. The use of public transport services such as buses, trains, taxis including e-hailing services, airplanes as well as buses, employee vans and school vans;
  3. While in health facilities such as hospitals, clinics, homes care, haemodialysis centre and the equivalent

The Ministry of Health also STRONGLY ENCOURAGES the use of face mask in the following situations:

  1. Present in a mass gathering and crowded area such as a night market, stadiums, shopping malls and houses of worship;
  2. Individuals with symptoms such as fever, cough and cold;
  3. High-risk individuals such as the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, individuals with low immunity and pregnant mothers; and
  4. Performing activities with high-risk people such as elderly and children.

The above protocol came into force on 7 September 2022. 

Source: Malaysian Employers Federation

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