Women Leaders’ Self-Development Through Motorcycling

Born in France and living in Malaysia since 2015, Alison Grün founded FreeW— a social enterprise, established in 2020, dedicated to igniting women’s emancipation and self-empowerment through motorcycling training, events and tours. Riding since the age of 14 and embarking on her first solo trip at 19, Grün has trained over 60 women to ride motorcycles based on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation syllabus and her own practical experience of riding in Malaysia. She even organized Malaysia’s first ever Women’s Track Day. 

FreeW is providing women from all walks of life with the opportunity to overcome their fears and self-limiting beliefs in a safe space, to build self-confidence and nurture the leader in them. Through its Corporate Motorcycling Program, FreeW supports organisations that are looking to attract and retain their female talents by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone while taking care of their mental health

Program structure:
All FreeW programs are personalized to company goals and include a consulting session with the main stakeholder(s) to select the most appropriate program, delivered in the Klang Valley.

  1. Speaking engagement - Introduction to motorcycling 
  2. Group initiation to motorcycling 
  3. Personalized motorcycling coaching 

Benefits of motorcycling in the corporate context:

  1. Transformational leadership: understanding oneself to better understand others
  2. Creativity: playing, reconnecting with nature and oneself  
  3. Intuitive strategy: assessing context and making decisions
  4. Resilience & stress management: focusing on what is in our control, leading smarter, not harder
  5. Team bonding: creating a sense of affiliation, challenge and achievement 
  6. Assertiveness & self-confidence: getting out of one's comfort zone

About FreeW
FreeW envisions a society where women are free to be who they want and do what they love, unchained from societal expectations and pressures. They use motorcycles to help women achieve freedom and self-empowerment by providing a safe space to overcome their fears and self-limiting beliefs. For more information, please contact: alison@freew.co , website: www.freew.co 


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