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General information on the Malaysian labour market, the French in Malaysia:

  • With a growth rate of 4.7% per year and an unemployment rate of only 3.4%, Malaysia is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. More than 400 French companies or companies created by French people have been created in Malaysia. This represents more than 20,000 direct jobs and real opportunities for candidates wishing to enter the Southeast Asian labour market. 

To learn more about the Southeast Asian labour market and find new perspectives and advice for your job search, you can consult the studies below:

 “CCE: Les Français face au Marché de l'Emploi ASEAN - Octobre 2017”: Download document


HR services

All support and information from HR practices in Malaysia, to employment contracts, visa application, portage salarial and career management.

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HR legal practices

We will provide you all necessary information related to HR Management in Malaysia. More importantly, we will inform you over the working environment and local practices as well as labour laws in the country.

For any specific request, please contact: hrsupport(@)


Employment contracts

We will help you draw up employment contracts for local or foreign employees in reference to the employment law, immigration rules, working habits and common HR practices followed by the multinational companies in Malaysia.

For any specific request, please contact: hrsupport(@)


Portage Salarial

The CCIFM will – on a case by case basis ONLY – help your company develop its local/regional business by establishing a physical presence in Malaysia.

For any specific request, please contact: hrsupport(@)


Visa information and visa application

From a Professional Visa Pass (PVP) to an Employment Pass (EP), the CCIFM will explain to you how to get a working permit for your foreign employees and proper documents for their dependant(s).

For any specific request, please contact: hrsupport(@)


Career Management Support

Upon your search in Malaysia, we will record your resume for up to 3 months. We can share – on a case by case basis ONLY – with you about your employability in Malaysia. Any additional request on your career management can be served by an CCIFM partner (All1KL Sdn Bhd – Asia Career Management).  

For more information, please visit:

Candidate matching (French nationals & French-speaking Malaysian nationals)


The HR support Department helps your company find the best candidates

To publish your job offers on the CCIFM website, please contact hrsupport(@)

Job offers for Malaysian national




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