Accredited Translation & Malaysian Driving License Application



1-2 days • Translation into English by CCIFM of the French Driving License with the CCIFM Certification (CCIFM being an accredited translator by the French Embassy): RM 180 (Member rate RM 150)
• Document required at this stage: copy of the French driving license



1-2 days • Certification at the French Embassy : RM 100 (normal rate RM 150)
• Documents required at this stage : Original French driving license + certified MFCCI translation



1-2 days • Registration fees to the local authorities : RM 100
• Documents required at this stage : Original French driving license + certified MFCCI translation + original passport valid for more than six months with the endorsed visa + Recent passport photograph (1 piece – white background)

The applicant will be required to be present at the Road Transport Department for validation purposes.


• MFCCI fees for obtaining the Malaysian driving license : RM 300 (Member rate: less 10% discount)

The Malaysian Driving License Conversion is valid for ONE YEAR.
MEMBER RATE RM 620 or 155 Euros

Our Translation Service

Get your documents translated into French or from French into any other languages with the CCIFM

• Forward us by mail or by hand a clear copy of the source documents to be translated into or from French. Please precise the source and target languages. The copy must also be readable.
• We will revert to you with our detailed quotation and time frame. You will receive our Job Order Confirmation (JOC) in attachment *.
• We will require that you send us the signed copy of our JOC to confirm your acceptance of our rates and conditions, together with a proof of payment.
• Upon receiving your confirmation (signed JOC with proof of payment), we will commence the translation process, which includes the translation and proofreading by professional translators. It generally takes 2-3 working days for standard documents **.
• As soon as the translation is finalized, we shall inform you, either by mail or by phone, for you to collect the original translated documents at our office ***.

* Our rates for a standard document (less than 220 words per page) amounts to RM180 per page (RM150/ page for members). For any translation of more than 220 words per page, we shall forward you our quotation based on the estimated number of words and type of documents (if technical or not).
** The translation process may take longer time, depending on the number of documents, size and level of language technicality of the documents.
*** Our office hours for collection of translations are from 9 am to 4.30 pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays and lunch hours from 1pm - 2 pm).

Our translation services include the certification of your documents by the CCIFM. The CCIFM is an accredited translator by the French Embassy in Malaysia. If you wish to submit your translations to any local authorities, you will be required to get the translations certified by the French Embassy (for French-English / English-French translations only). The original documents will be requested. The CCIFM may assist you for this service at an additional cost of RM 150.00 per document. It may take 1-2 additional working days for this procedure.

Convert your Driving License

The French driving license is only valid for 3 months in Malaysia and international driving license is not recognized by the Malaysian authorities for foreign residents in Malaysia. We strongly encourage you to proceed with the Malaysian driving license conversion after getting your employment pass endorsed.

The procedure for converting a Malaysian driving license takes approximately 5-6 working days. (If possible, we would require from you all the necessary documents at once. Otherwise, you may provide us with the relevant documents for each step)

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Christelle DIDESCH
Business Support Services Manager
Immigration & Translation Service

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