NOTE: The information provided is of a general nature. The procedures and estimated processing times may change. Delays in processing applications by the authorities may be expected initially due to teething problems. Presently, there are some technical issues with the system for registration and the authorities are trying to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Although the authorities have stated that all documents remain the same, we will only be able to verify this when we work on the system or at least when we may have a clearer picture on the use of the system. However, there will be a delay in filing any new application as the registration process has to be completed and approved first (up to 15 working days).

For any inquiries of work permit and dependent pass, Professional Visit Pass, Visa transfer or Resident pass, please contact Christelle.



Creation of an ESD account

Complete the details of the company and authorized persons to liaise with the immigration authorities and create a login ID. Attention: The authorised person must be HR personnel or management personnel from the applying company. Upon receipt, Immigration authorities will confirm receipt of creation of account and the company can proceed with step 2. Estimated processing time is 1-5 working days from submission.


Company registration form in the system

Information to be completed
○ Details of company
○ Contact information
○ Financial information
○ Employment projection – total number of staff employed, number of Malaysian staff employed, number of management and professional position filled by expatriates, projection of expatriate posts for year 2014 Attention: The Company shall be able to submit the number of applications in line with the approved projection.
○ Details of Directors
○ Details of Shareholders

Upload documents
○ Copy of all directors NRIC or passport
○ Company profile
○ Copy of company’s latest phone bill
○ Copy of stamped tenancy agreement
○ Copy of CCM printout with E-receipt
○ Certified copy of Form 9, Form 24, Form 32A and Form 49 by CCM
○ Copy of latest audited financial statements
○ Copy of business premise licence, if applicable
○ Copy of other business licence, if applicable

Completion of these details depends on the company how fast they can gather documents and complete the details in the system.
Estimated processing time is 1-5 working days from submission.



Review of the company registration application

Upon receipt of the above documents, the authorities will commence reviewing the company registration application.
Estimated processing time is 7-10 working days from receipt of complete documents.

Attention: During the review of the application, the authorities may revert for further clarification. They may even make an inspection at the business premise as part of the verification process. The company’s representative may also be required to be present at the immigration authorities office to answer queries/provide clarification or do a presentation about the company.



The company will be notified of the approval by the Immigration Department. Company will be given the password to fully access ESD.


Company facilitation package and acceptance

The company will need to complete an authorisation letter for all transactions with the authorities in the system – details of authorised signatory, authorised person for communication with regards to the application and authorization to submit passports to the authorities.
The company will be required to print the authorisation on the company’s letterhead, obtain sample signature of the authorised persons who will transact with immigration on the letter of authorization.
The director of the company is required to submit the authorisation to transact letter to the immigration authorities personally. The director is required to sign the authorization letter for transaction with the authorities before the immigration officer.


Roll out

A roll out will be scheduled. A briefing on how to file online applications for expatriates should provide a full understanding of the system, process, processing times and documents required for the various applications.


Submission of applications

Once the roll out is completed, we can proceed with submission of applications online.
Attention: Companies must book an appointment online and specify their objectives (ie. submitting or collecting passports, transfer of endorsement, maid application for expatriate, etc…). Only booked appointments will be entertained.

E-Filling System at the Expatriate Service Division

New applications for Employment can submit their Pass on-line through the portal. Manual applications are no longer accepted.
All companies are required to complete a registration process for online filing of application before any new application can be made through the system. The criteria and required documents for the approval of the expatriate post will remain the same. However, the company is no longer required to furnish corporate documents with each application.
Corporate documents are to be provided at the stage of registration of the company with the authorities. The registration exercise is a one-off process. As part of this process, the company will be required to submit a projection of the number of expatriates for the year. During the year, the company shall be able to submit the number of applications in line with the approved projection..

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