Employers need to advertise vacancies at Myfuturejobs for recruitment of foreign employees and employment of expatriates starting 1st November.

The Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia had made an announcement on 26 October 2020, stating that employers need to advertise vacancies at Myfuturejobs for recruitment of foreign employees and employment of expatriates starting 1st November. 

1.    All employers who intend to employ foreign workers through re-hiring programs and also expatriate recruitment applications are required (compulsory) to first advertise the vacancy on the national employment portal, MYFutureJobs, effective 1 November 2020. 

2.    Vacancy advertising on MYFutureJobs shall be not less than 14 days for the re-hiring program of foreign workers (existing in the country) and 30 days for the application of expatriates. This will be followed by a session to interview candidates with representatives of employers and agencies of the Ministry of Human Resources, namely the Social Security Organization (SOCSO). Information such as job name, salary offered, academic qualifications or required skills and competencies must be displayed on MYFutureJobs.

3.     At the same time, employers are also required to register and apply through the Integrated Foreign Worker Management System (ePPAX) as a condition of compliance with labour laws for the employment of non-citizen workers.

4.    From 1 November 2020 also, any employer and employee who uses JobsMalaysia will be redirected to the MYFutureJobs portal. 

5.    This aims to make MYFutureJobs a single window or single platform for the Ministry of Human Resources to monitor job matching involving locals. It is also to ensure that employment opportunities for Malaysians are given priority. Applications for foreign workers or expatriates will only be considered if no Malaysians are interested in applying for the position. 

6.    SOCSO's Employment Insurance System (SIP) to assist the employer to arrange an interview session at the employer's premises or any agreed location. SOCSO must also announce the vacancy, especially for the vacancy of expatriates to all Malaysians through various media channels. 

7.    For any inquiries regarding employment services and the MYFutureJobs portal, please contact SOCSO at 03-8091 5300. 

Source : 
Media Release by the Ministry of Human Resources
English Translation of the Media Release by the Ministry of Human Resources

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