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Maison Crivelli

Maison Crivelli is a House of Haute Parfumerie created by Thibaud Crivelli and based in Paris.

At a time when fragrance remains a fascinating yet misunderstood art, Maison Crivelli guides us in a new approach to olfactory exploration, astounding the senses and leading to a highly personalized understanding of fragrance.

Maison Crivelli offers an authentic journal of various olfactory experiences. A disruptive territory of "slow perfume"​ invites us to take a break, give ourselves more time to explore, view the world differently, and thus experience fragrance from a new perspective.

This collection of contemporary Haute Parfumerie fragrances is made in France with integrity: each composition focuses on natural ingredients and is formulated without colorants or phthalates. The perfumes are housed in precious boxes with a timeless, bi-chromatic and eco-friendly design.

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