Malaysian Immigration Latest Entry Permission: What You Should Know

We bring to you the update Immigration assistance and practical information you need know in order to process your application via the various different platforms available for business traveler


The Malaysia Expatriate Talent Service Centre (MYXpats Centre) provides employers and expatriates with Employment Pass (EP)/ Dependant Pass (DP) or Long Term Social Visit Pass (LT-SVP) / Professional Visit Pass (PVP)  and related pass services. Applications for the work permits have to be submitted to the Immigration Department Malaysia via ESD online system at

All application processes will operate as usual through the online systems. However, please expect some delays with the processing charter.  

  1. Companies must be registered with the Expatriate Service Division (ESD)
  2. Expatriate applicant SHOULD submit the dependants' application TOGETHER when submitting the EP application (to expedite the DP application), though the applicant can also add the dependant/s later once the principal’s application is approved.
  3. If the applicant is out of the country, an application for a Visa with Reference should be made together when submitting the visa application. Once the application has been approved, a change of VWR will imply to manually send a request to MYXpats (Email to MYXpats Helpdesk <helpdesk(@)>)
  4. Download the ESD Online Guidebook and check-lists / Forms  at

For inquiries or assistance during this period, please contact

  1. Employment Pass, Professional Visit Pass, and related passes: helpdesk(@)
  2. Residence-Pass Talent (RP-T): rptcare(@)
  3. Other Immigration-related matters: Sistem Pertanyaan Online (SPO):
  4. Appointments at the State Immigration Department of Malaysia (other location than MYXpats Centre and ESD, Putrajaya) can be set an appointment through Sistem Temujanji Online (STO) :

1. URGENT Endorsement of Pass/ Transfer of Endorsement/ Special Pass/ Shorten Pass

During the EMCO/FMCO period, all physical counter services in the Expatriate Services Division (ESD) and MYXpats Centre will remain CLOSED during this period.

For confirmed appointments dated 1 June 2021 onward, new appointment dates will be automatically re-scheduled through the MYHelp system.For URGENT endorsements related to death, critical medical reasons or to leave the country, please email Helpdesk Support (helpdesk(@) to request for a manual appointment at the earliest date possible.


To ease the process during the pandemic, the Immigration Department of Malaysia is considering endorsement with an expired Approval Letter with below conditions:

  1. Applicable for Employment Pass (EP)/Dependant Pass (DP)/Long Term Social Visit Pass (LT-SVP)/Professional Visit Pass (PVP).
  2. Has entered Malaysia after pass approval.
  3. Has entered with MYEntry permission before the expiry date of Approval Letter.
  4. For applicants who are abroad and are holding expired Approval Letters, you may contact Helpdesk Support (helpdesk(@) for further advice.

2. Pass expired during the processing period

A valid pass is required for pass processing. If it is a renewal application, you may opt for an e-Special Pass (e-SP) through the ESD system. If it is a new application, manual submission of Special Pass is required at the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

For further details on e-SP, you may refer to this link However, the SP requirement/approval is at the Immigration Department of Malaysia's discretion.

  • If an appointment for pass endorsement is after the expiry date of your pass, the endorsement is possible. Please bring along Special Pass (SP) documents during passport submission. However, the SP requirement/approval is at the Immigration Department of Malaysia's discretion.

Note: the expatriate must have a valid/active pass to exit the country. However, the Special pass approval duration is subject to approval by the Immigration Department of Malaysia with a confirmed flight ticket.

3. Physical passport at MYXPATS

If your passport is at MYXpats, and the office is closed, in case of police or Immigration officer control, you should keep and carry a copy of your passport and any supporting documents (e.g. proof of submission of passport such as email notification) with you at all times, as proof to the respective authorities. Do contact your employer if you encounter any issues.

4. Need to amend the Letter of Undertaking (LoU)

The existing company Director nominated to sign the LoU may change the appointed person at a later time. However, should the appointed Director changes in the company, the new Director is required to sign the LoU.


  1. Application letter of amendment on the company's letterhead .
  2. Passport (appointed personnel)
  3. Form 49 /Section 58 / e-SSM info (certified true copy by MYDATA SSM)
  4. Latest LOU printed from ESD system and complete with all the information required.
  5. Photocopy of MyKad / Passport. (If use of Power of Attorney only)

* Appointed new Director of the company must appear in person to sign LOU.
The company Director (listed as per Form 49 / Section 58) who signed the LoU is allowed to submit physical documents through counter.


  1. Application letter of amendment on the company's letterhead signed by director as previous LOU.
  2. Latest LOU printed from ESD system and signed by director as previous LOU.
  3. Copy of MyKad / Passport (appointed personnel)
  4. Employers EPF contribution statement / Offer letter (for company staff only)
  5. Copy of Agreement / Contract appointment for external third party as Submission Officer (duly stamped by LHDN)

To submit to the ESD at Unit Inspektorat (Email: inspektorat.esd(@) to notify on any change of information.


The One Stop Centre (OSC) provides Entry Permission approval for Short Term (14 days and less) and Long Term (more than 14 days) business travelers during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.
The digital Entry Permission Approval Letter with QR Code will be issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

i. Short Term (14 days and less)
To submit their Entry Permission application to the OSC via MyEntry (Link in not less than 14 working days before departure.

Short term foreign business travelers do not require a work permit before applying for Entry Permission and can apply directly to MYEntry.

Approved short term business travelers who are staying 14 days or less in Malaysia are exempted from the mandatory quarantine provided that they have tested negative for their PCR COVID-19 test which was taken at the Business Travelers Center upon arrival.

The category of Short Term Business Travelers comprises of:

  1. Potential investors seeking to do business in Malaysia
  2. Existing investors namely business owners, board members, executives and associates of companies in Malaysia (without Employment Pass)
  3. Business customers for product qualification and validation before commercial production
  4. Technical experts for ad-hoc emergency cases to serve single or multiple customers across Malaysia

Documents required:

  • MITI’s approval letter for the Sponsor Company via CIMS 3.0 System through
  • Invitation letter (from Ministry/Government Agency/Company registered in Malaysia)
  • Detailed Itinerary
  • Copy of Passport ID Page (Colored)
  • Form online to be completed with supporting documents required

ii. Long Term (More than 14 days)
Long term business travelers must have a valid work permit OR a newly approved work permit before applying for Entry Permission through MYEntry
Long Term Business Traveler are not exempted and will have to undergo the mandatory quarantine at the designated quarantine centre or stay at their chosen Premium Hotel.

The category of Long-Term Business Travelers comprises of:

1. New/Existing foreign technical experts stranded abroad with Professional Visit Pass (PVP) to serve multiple customers across Malaysia

2. New/Existing expatriates (including family holding Dependant Pass - DP / Long Term Social Visit Pass- LT-SVP /Foreign Maid to expatriates) stranded abroad, namely active pass holders of Employment Pass - EP (Category I, II & III), Professional Visit Pass - PVP and Resident Pass-Talent (RP-T)

3. Frequent foreign business travelers (Exit & Return) including RE/RO representatives under EP


  1. The applications are limited to 500 entries per week. Therefore, in case of rejection, do not hesitate to re-submit the application.
  2. The decision to recommend for approval or rejection of the application of business travelers is within 5-7 working days.
  3. In the event the application for EXIT &RETURN PERMISSION is approved for only EXIT, do submit immediately a new ENTRY PERMISSION application
  4. The justification letter for Permission to Exit and Return to Malaysia should only be for the purpose of official visit/ business/ meeting/ emergency cases or medical reasons.
  5. The validity of MYEntry approval letter is for the duration as follow: • Entry approval : 90 days • Exit approval : 90 days • Exit and return : 90 days
  6. There is no extension of approval for entry/exit to Malaysia. If you are not able to travel within the stipulated time, you will have to re-apply.
  7. Spouse Visa//Malaysia should apply permission to exit / enter via


Latest entry procedures to Malaysia and how long is the quarantine period:


Guidelines For Entry Permission to Malaysia for Expatriate: More Information 

Guidelines For Permission to Exit Malaysia and Return for Expatriate : More Information  

Payment of COVID-19 Screening Tests & Quarantine Charges for Travellers to Malaysia: More Information 
You may refer to respective authorities e.g. Ministry of Health (MOH) or National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA). You may contact NADMA at 03 8870 4800 or Malaysia Government Call Centre (MyGCC) 03 8000 8000 for more information.

Countries that are Restricted to Enter Malaysia Today:  India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. More Information 

To Check your Application Status CLICK HERE  where you can download your QR code entry/exit-return permission approval letter.

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