New Chairman and Board of Directors of CCI France International

New Chairman and Board of Directors of CCI France International


The General Meeting of the CCI France International was held on Tuesday, June 25th 2019, at Pavillon d’Armenonville in Paris. It brought together Chairmans, Administrators and Directors of nearly 80 French Chambers of Commerce and Industry present internationally (CCI FI)

On this occasion, CCI France Croatia joined the network, which now consist of 124 French CCI in 93 countries.

At the end of this 112th General Meeting, a new Board of Directors was appointed. It is composed of 15 Administrators from CCIFI, 4 Directors from CCI France, 3 Honorary Presidents, and 2 invited members.


The new Chairman of CCI France International is Renaud BENTEGEAT, Administrator of CFE SA, Foreign Trade Advisor of France, he was also Chairman of CCI France Belgium for 12 years.

Renaud BENTEGEAT succeeds Arnaud VAISSIÉ, who held the Presidency of CCI France International for 6 years.


Below are the Board of Directors for the term 2019-2022


  • Chairman : Renaud BENTEGEAT - Belgium / CFE SA
  • 1st Vice-Chairman : Eric CECCONELLO - Morocco / Delattre Levivier Morocco
  • Vice-Chairman : Vincent FAYSSE - Switzerland / Team Partners Switzerland SA
  • Vice-Chairman : Jean-Paul SCHEUER - EAU Dubaï / Sanofi
  • Treasurer : Nicolas RIBOLLET - Great-Britain / Mazars
  • Adjunct Treasurer : Bernard DELMAS - Japan / Michelin Japan
  • General Secretary : Annie REA - Italia / InSitu
  • Deputy Secretary General : Guillaume GIRARD-REYDET - India / Pernod Ricard India



  • Michel BISAC - Algeria / Les pages Maghreb
  • Jean-Francois FALLACHER - Poland / Orange Poland
  • Emmanuel GROS - China / B&A Investment Bankers
  • Eva IVARS - Spain / Alain Afflelou
  • David-Pierre JALICON - Korea / D.P.J.& Partners
  • Alain OUELHADJ - USA Florida / Alda Design
  • Alfred RODRIGUEZ - Mexico / Mediatec SA

Administrators CCI France:

  • Alain DI CRESCENZO - CCI Toulouse
  • Gilbert STIMPFLIN - CCIR Grand Est
  • Rémy LAURENT - CCIR Bourgogne Franche-Comté
  • Jean-Pierre SAVARINO - CCI Nice


Members by right:

  • Pierre GOGUET – Chairman CCI France
  • Didier KLING – Chairman CCI Paris Ile-de-France


Honorary Presidents :

  • Arnaud VAISSIÉ
  • Pierre-Antoine GAILLY
  • Henri-Claude SONOLET


Invited Members :

  • Christophe LECOURTIER, General Manager of Business France
  • Alain BENTEJAC, Chairman of the Foreign Trade Advisers of France

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