Revised Duration of Monitoring for Isolation of Covid-19 Positive Cases and Quarantine of Close Contact to Positive Cases of Covid-19

The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) in its media release dated 15 January 2022 has reassessed the duration of monitoring for isolation and quarantine for Covid-19 positive cases and quarantine of close contact.

2. MOH started to administer the following procedures effective 16 January 2022.

2.1 COVID-19 Positive Cases 

The new duration for Isolation order on covid-19 positive cases of ALL types of variants are:

(i)   Seven (7) days for cases that have completed vaccination with no symptoms.

(ii)  10 days for incomplete vaccination cases or no vaccinations or symptomatic.

      * Health assessment will be done before the release order is granted.

2.2 Close Contact to COVID-19 Positive Cases

Quarantine order for close contact with positive cases of COVID-19 including Omicron variant infections:

(i)  Five (5) days on individuals who have received the dosage boosters;

(ii)  Seven (7) days on individuals have completed vaccinations, incomplete vaccinations or non-vaccinated;

(iii)  If the individual is symptomatic, perform COVID-19 infection detection test using RTK-Ag, either by self-administered test kit or at the    nearest healthcare facilities.

(iv)  The results of the self-test shall be reported via Mysejahtera;

(v)   Undergo RTK-Ag tests either in government or private healthcare facilities on the 5th day (for quarantine of 5 days) and the 7th day (for 7-day quarantine);

(vi)  Release order will be issued on the same day of testing RTK-Ag detection is carried out if the result is negative with no symptoms.

Source: Malaysian Employers Federation

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