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Tao Lifestyle

Tao Lifestyle is founded by Stephane Thiltgen a transformational [lifestyle] coach, with expertise for over 25 years in the field of  personal growth and development.

Tao Lifestyle focus on holistic transformation approach to enhance health, well-being, and brain performance by interconnecting five key areas:

1. Movement and exercise to incorporate various forms of movements and physical activities, with a particular focus on running, in daily life.
2. Mindfulness/mind-training and breathing techniques to improve mental and emotional health and performance.
3. Nutrition principles to help understand the impact of different foods on one's mind-body and improve eating habits.
4. Sleep and recovery science to understand how sleep works, how various behaviors impact it, and optimize daily recovery routines and sleep habits.
5. Flow state mastery, a state of optimal well-being and performance 

This customizable approach empowers individuals and teams to develop positive habits and routines tailored to their unique goals, promoting sustainable growth.

The two main programs are Tao of Running™, fostering mindful running for a balanced, healthy life, and Tao of Peak Performance™, crafted for business leaders and entrepreneurs who aim for peak work performance without sacrificing health and well-being.

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