FAQ’S Related to Movement Control Order for Businesses

Breaking News : CCIFM Input on Covid -19 - Frequently Asked Questions Related to Movement Control Order for Businesses

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1. What are the critical industries / factories allowed to operate throughout the period?
Only selected critical industries / factories are allowed to operate throughout period of MCO enforcement, subject to MITI approval. Please check the list products categorized as essential / critical are as in Appendix 1.
2. Is there any special approval / procedure required for the factory to operate during the period of MCO enforcement?
Yes, company must apply for special approval to continue operating the current factory during MCO using the downloadable form at and submitted back to Approved companies will be issued a Letter of Approval by MITI to operate, subject to special terms conditions as stated in Appendix 2.
3. Can companies manufacture products that are not listed on Appendix 1 appeals for operation during the period of MCO enforcement?
No. Only approved companies are allowed to operate, subject to availability to the terms specified. This step is important to make sure the effectiveness of the MCO. In situations where factory machinery and equipment need to continue operating for technical reasons, factories may continue to operate these machines with minimal technician supervision. Applications for this can be submitted to MITI.
4. Can the approved company / factory operate full time period of MCO enforcement?
No. Only the necessary production is allowed to operate,subject to the terms set forth. Any non-critical activity has to be suspended during the MCO period.
5. Can the company apply for a Certificate of Origin- COO) during the MCO enforcement period?
Sure. Application for COO verification can still be done on Level 2, Tower of MITI from 9am to 1pm. Any further questions about the COO can be made sent by email to allofficerskpi(@)
6. Can the company apply for a Certificate of Origin Preferential Certificate of Origin (PCO) under the scheme of the Agreement - Free Trade Agreements (FTA)?
Sure. Applications for PCOs can be submitted as usual through the ePCO system
7. Can companies apply for e-Form D under the h ASEAN Trade In Goods Agreement (ATIGA)?
Sure. Companies need to click on the ASEAN Single Window (ASW) when creating application to ensure that the e-Form D can be sent electronically through ASW platform to the importing country. Should the company encounter any problems, please email apbpm(@) and careline(@)
8. Can the company apply for an Approved Permit – AP period of MCO enforcement?
Sure. Applications can be made as usual online through the ePermit system . Any further questions can be directed by email to ap(@)
9. Can the company apply for a permit under the Strategic Trade Act (Strategic Trade Act - STA) during the period of CPP enforcement?
Sure. STA permit applications can be made as usual online through ePermit system . Any further questions can be directed by email to admin.sts(@)
10. Can companies process product shipment to / from overseas markets?
Sure. The logistics services in Malaysia remain operational as usual period of MCO enforcement.
1. MITI and the Agency will continue to operate during the MCO. Industry players and the company can contact MITI via:
• Email -
• Facebook Groups - MITI & Agency Hotline
• Whatsapp + 6012-6072 750

2. For any other matter, please refer to the National Security Council (MKN) online hotline - 03-8888 2010.


CCI France Malaysia is Here to Assist You

CCIFM team is working remotely during the 14-day Restricted Movement Order from 18 to 31 March 2020. We can be reached via our email or thru our directly emails, please refer to the staff directory on our website. We are here to serve you during these challenging times. 

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