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Presentation by Bpifrance: How they can help you boast your business

Speaker: Marianne Wlassewitch, Area Manager for ASEAN, Bpifrance
Wednesday, 27th June 2018 | CCIFM Business Centre, Plaza Sentral


On the 27th June 2018, CCIFM held a Morning Talk presented by Ms. Marianne Wlassewitch. Marianne is currently Bpifrance Area Manager for ASEAN, based in Singapore. She is responsible for representing all business lines of Bpifrance in South-East Asia. Her goal is to support French companies with international ambitions and explore with them the best options among public support offered by Bpifrance and its partners, with a focus on developing export finance solutions mostly patterned for SMEs and Mid-Caps.More information

Bpifrance is the French Public Investment Bank and Export Credit Agency. Its goal is to support French companies, focusing on innovation and international development."It engages with market segments and supports companies facing a capital crunch or lacking support from financial backers." Bpifrance offers solutions for businesses of all sizes, primarily micro-enterprises, SMEs and mid-caps. But it also assists large firms that are considered strategic for the national economy, territorial integrity or employment. In 2016 alone, Bpifrance financed 74,000 businesses. 

Ms. Marianne Wlassewitch updated the participants how Bpifrance can help French businesses by presenting the different divisions and main activities of the French Public Investment Bank. She began her talk explaining what services are provided: funding, guaranteed loans, insurance, investment and international support. Afterwards, she focused on one priority for Bpifrance in ASEAN: international business and development support of French companies. She finally outlined the financing tools, insurance mechanisms and guarantee instruments Bpifrance offers for an international development.

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