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SELGATE COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Selangor government has initiated the Selangor Covid-19 Vaccination Program to help expedite the National Immunisation Programme, allowing employers to purchase the Covid-19 vaccine for their workers through the state’s SELangkah application.


1. How do I register for the SCVP?

You may register at SELANGKAH Vax Website :

2. Who is eligible to enroll in SCVP?

Currently, registration is open to all companies in Malaysia. Registration for individuals/families/healthcare facilities will be open soon.

3. I have already registered in MySejahtera for the National Vaccination Program. What happens to my registration in MySejahtera if I enroll in SCVP?

Your registration will still be recorded in MySejahtera.

4. When can I get the quotation for the vaccination?

The quotation will be sent to you within 7 working days after registration.

5. When should I provide the employee lists and locations?

The lists must be provided to us through email when you make the balance payment of 50%.

6. I have registered and received a quotation. However, there’s a change in my employee numbers. Can I get a new quotation?


7. Where are the locations for the SCVP?

● If your employee numbers are more than 1500, vaccination will be administered at your workplace.

● If your employee numbers are less than 1500, vaccination will take place at a designated panel clinic.

8. Can I choose the location for the SCVP?

Yes. Employers will receive a link to choose the appointment location and time.

9. My company has more than one subsidiary/branch. Can I register them under one parent company?


10. Upon completion of vaccination under SCVP, will the same data be shared to MySejahtera on the vaccination status?

Yes. Reports of the vaccination will be shared with MOH and MySejahtera. 2

11. Can my appointment be rescheduled?

Yes. However, the new date will be at the discretion of SCVP’s administration.

12. Is it compulsory for all my employees to download the Selangkah App for SCVP?

Yes. For employees who do not have a smartphone, a physical appointment card will be given at the SCVP site.



13. When will this vaccination program start?

This information will be disclosed in due course.

14. Will there be any priority given to specific groups of people (e.g company with frontliners, senior citizens etc.)

No. The vaccine will be administered via first come first serve basis.

15. What type of Covid-19 vaccine will be provided under SCVP?

Sinovac Vaccine.

16. How many doses are required for this vaccination?

Two doses per person.

17. When will the second dose of the vaccine be administered?

Minimum 21 days after the first dose.

18. What are the common side effects after getting vaccinated?

The common side effects are pains at the site of injection. Other side effects are headaches, muscle pains, fever /chills, joint pains, swelling at the injection site, nausea, weight loss and swelling of the spleen nodes.

19. Do employees need to do a Covid-19 swab test before vaccination?

No. However employers should take necessary precautions to ensure that their employees are not Covid-19 positive immediately prior to vaccination.

20. When we submit the employees listing, do we need to mention if an employee was positive Covid-19?

Yes. Employers have to mention if an employee was infected with Covid-19 infection previously and the date of diagnosis.

21. If an employee was Covid-19 positive, is he/she still eligible for the vaccine?

Yes. Covid-19 patient is eligible for vaccination after 6-months post-infection.

22. What are the conditions that render my employees NOT be eligible to receive the vaccine?

Individuals with the following criteria are not eligible to receive the vaccine: 3

● Individuals who are hypersensitive or known to be allergic to any component (active ingredients or excipients or any material used in process) of the vaccine or similar vaccine;

● Previous severe allergic reactions to the vaccine (e.g., acute anaphylaxis, angioedema, dyspnea);

● Individuals who are undergoing cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy);

● Individuals who underwent organ transplants such as kidney or blood stem cells within 3 months before vaccination;

● Individuals with low platelet count (<50,000 per microlitre);

● Individuals who have a fever due to a viral/bacterial infection;

● Individuals receiving treatment with monoclonal antibodies or blood plasma as treatment for COVID-19 within 3 months prior to vaccination;

● Individuals with HIV disease (CD4 white blood cells <200 cells/mL);

● Pregnant and lactating women


Payment and refund

23. Is the vaccine under SCVP free-of-charge?

No. Employers will need to purchase the vaccine for their employees.

24. What is the price for the vaccine under SCVP?

To be disclosed in due course.

25. When do I pay the first 50% payment for the vaccination?

Fifty percent (50%) deposit shall be made within seven (7) days from the date of the quotation to confirm the booking.

26. When do I pay the remaining 50% payment for the vaccination?

The remaining fifty percent (50%) thereof shall be made within fourteen (14) days from the date of the invoice.

27. What if my employee receives an appointment from the National Vaccination Program before the SCVP appointment date but my company has already paid for his/her vaccination under SCVP. Will my company be able to get a refund?

Yes. But subject to terms and conditions.

28. Between the payment date and the appointment date, one of my employees refused to get the vaccine. Will my company be able to get a refund?


29. Between the payment date and the appointment date, one of my employees is discovered to be pregnant and is unable to take the vaccine. Will my company be able to get a refund?

Yes. But subject to terms and conditions. 4

30. Between the payment date and the appointment date, one of my employees is discovered not eligible to receive the vaccine due to health issues. Will my company be able to get a refund?

Yes. But subject to terms and conditions.


31. Is there any maximum number of employees that I can register for SCVP?


32. Is there any minimum number of employees to make me eligible to enroll under SCVP?


33. Can foreign workers under my employment enroll for SCVP?

Yes, with valid documentation.



34. How do I cancel my registration?

Cancellation of registration is not necessary. Upon the expiry of the quotation given, the system will automatically cancel your registration.

35. How do I know if my registration is successful and complete?

Your registration is successful and complete when you receive a booking ID. The format of the booking ID is: VXSL*****

36. How do I edit my registration?

The feature to edit or update your registration details will be available soon.

For all vaccine-related enquiries pertaining to SCVP please contact:

● SELCARE Hotline: 1-800-22-6600

● Email:

● WhatsApp: +6013 446 0366


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